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Delivering DCPs and live events internationally

What we do

Delivering DCPs and live events

Motion Picture Solutions (MPS), is a leading international film services company that provides end-to-end solutions at all stages of theatrical film delivery.

We work with major Hollywood studios, independent distributors and regional distribution partners globally to ensure the latest blockbusters and live event content lights up cinema screens and entertains audiences worldwide.

From dynamic 3D subtitles and GFX inserts, through to the distribution and management of more than 8 million performances a year, we live and breathe cinema.


Event Cinema’s our thing

LANsat delivers the entire performance

The LANsat server is MPS’s robust solution for electronic distribution of DCP packages and reception of live event cinema productions. Featuring guaranteed delivery and active monitoring of content, coupled with automated key delivery, LANsat brings the entire performance direct to the cinema.

MPS offers real-time support for all live events as well as a range of self-managed solutions - LANsat provides the world’s first IP delivery solution which can be utilised either as a primary delivery method or as a back-up solution to support satellite streams. Its professional-grade hardware is capable of receiving HD, 3D and 4K live events.

MPS manages more than 130 live events annually. We have the experience exhibitors need to ensure theatrical content is right where it should be - on the big screen.

For the full Event Cinema picture

At MPS we’re passionate about event cinema. Whether you’re new to the sector or a content owner, read our brochure for a market overview.

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The Event Cinema Solution

LANsat delivers the ultimate in both DCP and Live Event Cinema direct to each and every screen. Featuring the best control tools backed by unparalleled support and service, LANsat is the final word in theatrical content delivery.

With extensive upgrade options there is a LANsat to suit all kinds of venues - from cinemas to village halls, from arthouse to multiplex, all housed in one simple 660mm deep, 2U rack-mounted solution. Buy your LANsat online here or call us today to discuss your options.

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So simple to use you’ll wonder why all your equipment isn’t this easy to control

Play. Stop. Record. Pause. Repeat.

Using LANsat really is that simple. With an intuitive UI you can control embedded HD subtitles, manage live and encrypted broadcasts and record live streams, all with one-touch control. This is how simple live event cinema should be.

To make life even simpler you can control your LANsat from anywhere* because the LANsat UI is remotely accessible via a range of internet connected devices and platforms. With LANsat you’re always in total control.

Where it all began

Putting picture on screen in cinemas worldwide

Designed in 2009, LANsat has been managing live events since 2010 and is connected to more than 100,000 seats across the UK, Ireland, Iceland and Sweden. The included software allows you to play and record live events. Offering full signal strength, audio monitoring and the video displayed on your projector via its browser based technology.

You can also connect to LANsat remotely (internet connection required), without needing to be onsite.

For the full picture please see the LANsat specifications.




Tomorrow’s technology. Today.

Keeping you ahead of your competition

Whether it’s hot-swappable components or expandable storage LANsat is built with tomorrow’s cinema in mind. Our LANsat includes dual satellite tuners, for worldwide satellite platforms. With HDMI, DVI and seperate audio outputs, we’ve even integrated our own IPTV network to connect simply and easily to multiple cinema screens.

Increase storage and connect via the internet, the LANsat supports BISS Encryption and 4K. See the LANsat specifications for full details.

Build your Award Winning LANsat

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We always felt LANsat was the best product to deliver live event cinema - and the industry agrees.

LANsat has been awarded for its technical excellence — that makes us blush, but it also makes us work harder to keep it the number one choice

LANsat has the capacity to deliver to every audience.

LANsat comes with a generous 4TB of on-board storage out of the box but with the capacity for so much more. Upgrade your capacity and keep those encore events and DCPs ready for the next performance, even if it’s a week or two away. With storage options all the way up to 32TB your audience will be spoilt for choice.

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Hard drive

Play your content in multiple screens at the same time.

Say hello to multi-screen playback. Play content in more than one screen at the same time to take advantage of a spike in demand or to increase your audience for live event cinema. Exterity provides simultaneous playback on unlimited network connected screens. Now your biggest problem is the rush for popcorn.

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LANsat multiscreen upgrade

Delivering the experience across your cinema.

LANsat delivers the ultimate in high quality picture and audio using the latest standards. With 4K picture and 7.1 audio, the picture quality delivered to your screens is crucial. Using the optimum networking hardware LANsat ensures there is no compromise in quality and the delivery of the performance is guaranteed.

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Network switch

Bringing you the ultimate in content storage flexibility.

Ingest and offload stored theatrical content data onto external drives from LANsat via the CRU. Simply plug in and transfer your content to or from your LANsat giving you total control. With comprehensive on-board content management options you’ll be up and running in moments.

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Delivering the best in event cinema, from everywhere.

Tap into the fastest-growing market in the cinema industry, Live Event Cinema. LANsat delivers both broadcast live and encore events giving you the ultimate in playback options. With unparalleled support and service, we can remote monitor and support your event ensuring you get the very best performance every time.

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Ballet dancer

Immerse yourself in every detail of the live performance

Live event cinema gives you a front row seat to every event the world over


Simplified theatre management

AAM’s Screenwriter is the most powerful, flexible and widely deployed cinema Theatre Management System (TMS). Supporting a range of POS and digital cinema systems, Screenwriter gives you control of all your screens from a single easy-to-use interface.

With a massive 24TB of storage, support for up to five screens and a three year warranty, Theatre Management never looked so good.

Screenwriter screenshots

Seamless integration

Connecting your cinema technologies

AAM’s Screenwriter fully integrates with a wide range of POS systems, digital cinema servers, projectors and related hardware. With full support for Barco, Christie, Cinemeccanica, Dolby, Doremi, Kinoton, GDC, NEC, IMAX, Qube, Sony and USL, we can help you today!

Take the hassle out of theatre management and let Screenwriter handle the load for you.

Get the full picture

Simplified theatre management

Examine box-office rises and falls, footfall, server, content, KDM and many other aspects of your day-to-day cinema operations through one simple interface. Not on-site today? No problem, with our technology you can manage your cinema as if you were there in person. Check on content downloads, order keys and much more.

Want to know more? Call our team on +44 (0) 20 7751 7500 and one of our team will be happy to talk you through the possibilities.

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+ VAT at 20%

For 1-5 screens including warranty and software updates* for 3 years. Remote support options available (additional charges apply). For 6 or more screens please contact us.

*Software will remain fully functional after warranty period has expired, however no further feature or security updates will be received. Extended warranty options are available, please contact us for further details.

Experience events from the most majestic venues in the world

LANsat brings the world to you with unforgettable live cinematic experiences


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