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Play content on networked screens simply with Exterity

Our Exterity and network kit enables you to make so much more of your cinema screens. Exterity offers push to play technology at it’s best, including live streaming and content on multiple screens simultaneously, Exterity opens the door to a new world in theatrical content playback.

Best of all, its unbelievably simple to install and set up, integrating seamlessly with your existing network. Tell us how many screens you need to connect and we’ll send you everything you require.

We recommend pairing Exterity with LANsat, Exterity will deliver networked content to your connected screens.


Buy your PoE network switches separately

Each network switch has 5 powered ethernet ports for connecting to devices requiring Power over Ethernet, and requires mains power to operate.

Please select how many network switches you require:



Connect your screens with Exterity

Please note you will need one PoE network switch per 5 connected screens.

Please select the number of screens you would like to connect with Exterity: